Webmaster and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to speed up website load time

It is crucial to optimize page load time as it helps with user experience (UX) and conversion. It's also important for SEO with Google now officially using Core Web …
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How to increase website traffic

One way to measure the success of a website is to know how much website traffic it receives. Traffic or visitors don't just flock to a website once it's …
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How to increase backlinks to your website

Link building or the process of getting backlinks to your website is very important because other than to increase referral traffic to your site, it’ll also increase search engine traffic by increasing your site’s PageRank. Link building is therefore the most important step in increasing your website’s traffic.

How to increase direct traffic to your website

Direct traffic is the type of website traffic where visitors come to your website directly, without being referred to by search engines or other websites. This type of website traffic also includes personal bookmarks and RSS feeds. Most webmaster pay less attention to direct traffic when running a campaign to increase their overall website’s traffic.

Direct traffic visitor is one of the most important type of visitor your website could get. To have specifically chosen to visit your website, it is the most targeted type of website traffic. Direct traffic visitors are also not affected by outside factors such as when there are changes in search engine ranking. They also respond well to you website’s offering, and tend to promote your website or content more than the other type of website traffic shall they find anything useful.

How to increase social media traffic to your website

Social media traffic are the type of traffic that if goes viral, could bring a huge spike in your website traffic. This is true especially if your website is made it to the frontpage of Reddit or Digg.

Social media traffic are not targeted, which means they don’t convert well if you’re monetizing your website, but could be useful in self promoting your website. It could also bring some inbound links as people share what they found on your website elsewhere, which will then increase your search engine ranking.

These tips would help you improve your social media traffic.