Chromium browser and Google Chrome

How to show the Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome and Chromium

Bookmark allows you to save the URL of websites for future access. One of the easiest ways to access your saved bookmarks is via the Bookmark Bar though it's …
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How to remove saved password in Google Chrome or Chromium

Google Chrome and Chromium, by default, offer to save login details such as username and password for websites that you tried to log in to. While the built-in password …
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How to install Google Chrome on SUSE

Google Chrome is not installed by default in openSUSE and SLES and is not even available in the default zypper repository. It is probably due to Google Chrome being …
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How to disable web push notification in Google Chrome or Chromium

Some websites would pop up a request to send you notifications whereby you'll have the option to Block or Allow the request. The web push notification, if allowed, will …
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How to disable Google Translate in Chrome and Chromium

Google Chrome and Chromium will offer to translate websites to English by automatically popping up the translate bar on non-English websites.

Chrome will offer to …
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How to install Chromium browser on CentOS, RHEL or Fedora

Chromium is not the default web browser and is not even installed by default in CentOS, Red Hat, or Fedora. It's not even available in the distributions' default package …
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How to change proxy settings in Chrome

Google Chrome, by default, uses your operating system's default setting to connect to the network and the internet. Your system, on the other hand, is usually configured with a …
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