Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How to host static website on AWS S3

AWS S3 is great for hosting highly available and reliable files. Users can use a web browser to access the files as if browsing a website if public access …
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How to distribute AWS S3 objects using BitTorrent

S3 provides highly available and reliable file hosting, but it could become very costly to distribute large files such ISO images as AWS charges for bandwidth usage. You can …
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How to create public AWS S3 bucket

S3 buckets are by default private to avoid accidental exposure of private data to the public. To allow public access to objects or files in your S3 buckets, you …
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How to create private AWS S3 bucket

S3 buckets can be used to store all kinds of objects, not just for website assets such as JavaScript, CSS, or image files. The can also be used to …
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How to allow public access to private AWS S3 bucket objects

AWS S3 buckets are by default private. You can enable public access to the whole S3 bucket by applying public access policy to the bucket.

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How to log access to AWS S3 bucket and website

AWS S3 can be used to distribute files to the public by configuring a public bucket, or by configuring public access to specific objects from within the bucket. S3
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How to create programmatic access user in AWS

Programmatic access user in IAM is required if you want to control or access your AWS services from the command line via AWS CLI tools. A programmatic access user …
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How to clear AWS CloudFront cache

AWS CloudFront will cache your website's content on its edge locations based on the TTL values configured for your CloudFront distribution. Depending on your Object Caching configuration, there are …
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How to create CloudFront distribution from AWS S3 bucket

S3 could be a highly available and reliable hosting for files, but it's tied to the region where it's hosted on. For example, a user from Australia will face …
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How to switch profiles on AWS CLI

AWS CLI allows you to configure multiple profiles or accounts with the use of named profile.

Once configured, you can switch to any of the …
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