Display Wiki Page is a DokuWiki plugin that enables embedding of a wiki page in anywhere of your site from the template. The following is an example as used in the sidebar of this site to display the category page.

If you noticed, there’s and Edit link at the end of the page. While this is convenient, you might not want that to appear for some reason.

To remove it, go to you DokuWiki’s installation directory, and edit this file.


In there, comment out the following line.

if ($perm >= AUTH_EDIT)
  // create and add the 'edit' button
  $result .='<div class="secedit2"><a href="' . DOKU_BASE . 'doku.php?id=' . $wikipagename . '&amp;do=edit'
  . '">' . $lang['btn_secedit'] . '</a></div>';

After saving the file, the Edit link should no longer appear at the bottom of the page.